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GRPguruís 2009 CMT and VIP Training Programs

What, No Course listings?

Thatís right! After training 1,500+ composites technicians and reaching over 5,000 attendees through our seminars and demos over the past ten years, the time has come to hand over the reins to all the teachers and CMT technicians who have attended our courses and developed their own training programs. My educational efforts for 2009 will be focused on developing new curriculum and on-line content. I will offer a few slots for apprenticeships to experienced closed molding technicians who want to broaden their horizons. More info to follow, but just start thinking: a summer in Maine, on the shores of Casco Bay, and lots of 'new stuff'.

If you are looking for Closed Molding training:

Fear not, you are not left in the cold: below is a list of institutions and people who are offering CMT and VIP training. I am sure that the list is incomplete, and Iíll gladly add more qualified providers upon request.

  1. ABARIS, Reno, Nevada: Jay Carpenter:
  2. CERRITOS COLLEGE, Cerritos, CA: Terry Price:
  3. CMA, Marcy Offner:
  4. MATC, Brunswick, ME: Debra Mattson:
  5. SVCC, Oak Harbor, Whitbey Island, WA: Mike Swietzer:

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