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About the Composites Training Center

Brunswick Training Facility: a 24,000 square foot building that has been renovated (by the town of Brunswick, at a cost of approx USD 800,000) to house:

- 3 large class rooms, providing seating for 25 to 40 students,
- Computer lab with 16 stations to teach all steps from design to automated manufacturing
- Composites Lab spaces and hands-on areas for open and closed molding;
- Communal space and offices
- Areas for staging and prep, such as grinding, gel coating, assembly, etc.

June 20, 2007
June 20 2007: Some members of the team that got us to where we are today came up for the Grand Opening: from left: Tom, Russell, Jason, Lydia, Ann, Andre, Eddy.
The Brunswick Advanced Composites Center Classroom Classroom
The new class room is a bit more sophisticated than our old digs, but the hospitality and great atmosphere is still there…even when things don’t go exactly right in the lab… and an infusion turns out to be a challenge…plan or accident? The Advanced CMT Course is always a steep learning curve!


The Brunswick Advanced Technology Center, acronym MATC, strives to be a model for Composites training facilities in the US. It is set up with significant funding for infrastructure and equipment, via federal grants from the USDOL, with the intent to develop industry curricula and certification standards for the USA.

Focus of the course offerings will continue to be on closed molding and advanced manufacturing techniques for composites.

This is truly the next step in helping the Composites Industry convert to closed molding: A fixed location, with state of the art equipment and skilled staff will create oportunities to formalize training and hand it over to the Vocational Institutions and Community Colleges after it has been dialed in.

Composites Training Center


In February of 2006 Maine was one of 13 successful applicants to receive a $15M WIRED grant from the United States Department of Labor. Maine’s mission for the grant was to establish Maine’s North Star Alliance Initiative (NSAI) and to further grow and enhance the regional economy of coastal Maine through technology advancement, workforce development and the creation of high-skilled, quality jobs in the boat building, marine trades, and composites industry sector. In December 2006 Maine received an additional $2M for a related grant from the United States Department of Labor, providing the start-up funds for an Advanced Technology Center.

The MATC center is now a Campus of SMCC (Southern Maine Community College)

The program, which runs through end of 2009, is managed and monitored by an implementation board consisting of representatives from Industry, Government, Trade Associations, and Education. c/o ACSM, Inc
49 Pleasant Street
Brunswick, Maine 04011
Tel: 207 522 5646

Advanced Composites Servcies for Manufacturers of Fiber Reinforced Plastics